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Powder Coated Parts

Automotive Powder Coating

Powder coating is the ultimate choice for automotive finishing applications. Its durability stands up to harsh road conditions, yet it is affordable for your custom needs. Our capabilities range from single piece orders to large restoration projects.

From frames to wheels to valve covers, we can help you customize your race car, street rod or daily driver. If you need the best Automotive Powder Coating in the Sacramento give PowderCoat-It a try.

Some of the Automotive items we powder coat are:

door handles
shock absorbers
oil filters
engine blocks
coil springs
Interior parts
Engine bay parts
handles and knobs
suspension parts
valve covers and engine parts
brake calipers
mirror brackets
interior and exterior trim
battery trays
Note: Prices can go up dramatically depending on the amount of prep work (blasting, sanding, and so on), coats of powder, type of powder used, and if a part has powdercoating on it that needs to be either burned off or chemically removed. Cast aluminum and magnesium parts may experience out-gassing and cause bubbling in the finish.